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Teachers to Tell All

Newsletter issue - November 2011.

The Taxman has launched another campaign to encourage people to pay tax on income they have previously omitted from their tax returns. This time private teachers are targeted under a scheme called TCup: Tax Catch Up Plan for tutors and coaches.

If you want to use the TCup scheme you need to tell the Taxman you intend to make a disclosure by 6 January 2012, either using the notification form on the HMRC website, or by telephoning: 0845 601 8817.

On notification the Taxman will issue you with a disclosure reference number (DRN) and payment reference number. You will need to quote the DRN when you make the full disclosure of all your outstanding tax matters by 31 March 2012.

That is also the deadline for paying all the tax due on your previously undeclared income, interest on that tax, and the relevant penalty. To ensure your payment is matched to your disclosure form you need to quote your payment reference number.

It is up to you to calculate the penalty you should pay due to your late declaration of income. Under the TCup scheme the penalty can be 0%, 10% or 20%, depending on whether your under-declaration of income was an innocent mistake, careless error, or deliberate error. This is a considerable discount on the 100% penalty enforceable for deliberate and concealed errors discovered by the Taxman in normal circumstances, (which incidentally can be up to 200% where certain off-shore income is involved).

We can help you make a full disclosure and calculate the tax, interest and penalties due.