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Is the world ready for virtual reality accountants?

We attended a Barclays business meeting at the Centre VR in Bournemouth after work (please read: next level dedication). As you are aware, we always go the extra mile, so the free pizza, beer, and the chance to play with virtual reality (VR) headsets really shouldn’t detract from our commitment to serve.

The key speaker Adam Greenwood, CEO of Greenwood Campbell (a digital agency located in Bournemouth) spoke passionately about how artificial intelligence (AI) is shaping our world, and how companies are utilising the technology in a number of ways that are impacting society. It was thought provoking, eye opening, and if I’m honest with you, a little bit scary.

After the presentation the Centre VR hosts showcased VR and the potential uses it has in business, primarily in training. It was incredibly impressive to see how the technology is being used by Walmart, Hilton, and Ford. More impressive however, was understanding how Johnson & Jonhson are using VR to train surgeons.

Nearing the end we had the opportunity to discuss AI in business with various attendees and members from Barclays. So regarding the implementation of AI within tax, we may need to wait a while. It was however noted that there may be some movement in the next 10 years towards AI being used to assist HMRC with collecting, reviewing and preparing tax returns.

Whilst we are always looking for ways to make tax less taxing for all of our clients, the implementation of AI to handle data probably isn’t the way for us to go just yet. So there is no need to worry about Skynet and HMRC joining forces.